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The knowledgeable team at EarthGuard understands that maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn and grounds year-in and year-out requires dedication and experience. Our team brings more than 24 years of both to every project, ensuring that your property's transformation will be professionally maintained to look its best.


Our superior lawn care services are provided for both residential and commercial customers. If one of our services is not needed for your lawn, we won't recommend it to you. With our professional lawn care services, we will leave you with the best lawn on the block.

Mowing - Keep your lawn properly maintained.


Core aeration - Mechanically removing plugs of soil and depositing them on the lawn surface. Aeration is such a valuable practice for good soil and lawn health that it is done annually on quality lawns and golf courses. It promotes improved air, nutrient, and water availability for grass roots. It also reduces soil compaction and helps manage thatch accumulation.

Disease control - This is seldom needed, but is available at an extra cost.


Dethatching - This reduces the thatch layer to a recommended level. An excessive mat of thatch reduces air, water, and nutrient availability to grass roots. It also provides a home for insects and disease. If this service is needed, you will be advised of it.


Grub control (preventative) - This should be considered as an insurance policy against grub damage. There will be an extra charge for this service. We do have a guarantee against grub damage for the growing season included with this service. We discourage the annual use of grub control and will recommend this service as a last resort.


Lime - It is very important to keep the soil properly conditioned for healthy plant growth. Lime can be applied at 'maintenance' or 'corrective' rates. This is based on a soil test, which will be taken the first year for every lawn.


Overseeding - Usually this is not necessary for most improved lawns. This will be recommended if it's beneficial to your lawn.


Pruning - Ground level for shrubs and small trees. The "natural contour pruning" technique will be the standard style. Pruning is as important to keeping healthy shrubs as mowing is to keeping a healthy lawn.

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